Irregular Verbs - Past Participle 2
1) She has never (let) her daughter have a boyfriend. .
2) Have you already (read) today's newspaper? .
3) The house has been (sell). .
4) He has (lose) his wallet again. .
5) I have (write) three essays this week. .
6) That clock was (make) in Switzerland. .
7) He had (run) 6 miles when he hurt his ankle. .
8) I have never (see) such a beautiful view. .
9) He has (teach) hundreds of students during his career. .
10) Have you ever (meet) a famous person? .
11) Because she hadn't (pay) the bill, the electricity went off. .
12) They have (send) Christmas cards to all their friends. .
13) Where have we (put) the car keys? .
14) We have never (sing) in public before. .
15) She had (wear) her blue dress many times. .
16) John had never (speak) English before he came to London. .
17) Why have you (stand) up - are we leaving? .
18) Have you ever (swim) in the Atlantic Ocean? .
19) It had (take) three hours to reach the station, so they had missed the train. .
20) I have never (say) that I didn't love you. .
21) David jumped into the air. He had (sit) on a drawing pin. .
22) The weatherman had (tell) us it would be sunny, but it rained all day. .
23) I'm sorry I'm so tired. I haven't (sleep). .
24) Have you (think) about changing jobs? .
25) He'd thought he had (understand) but now he realised he'd made a mistake. .