Irregular Verbs - Past Participle 1
Make the past participle
1) Julie wasn't at home, she had (go) to the shops. .
2) We've already (have) lunch. .
3) This was the first time she had (do) her homework. .
4) They have (begin) painting the living room. .
5) We have (keep) this secret for three years. .
6) He has never (drive) a motorbike before. .
7) I have (be) sick all week. .
8) By the time we arrived, the children had (eat) all the chocolate. .
9) The books had (fall) off the table and were all over the floor. .
10) "Are you okay?" "I've (feel) better". .
11) I'd (lend) my umbrella to John, so I got wet. .
12) I've been looking for ages but I haven't (find) my keys yet. .
13) The birds have (fly) south for the winter. .
14) She has finally (come). .
15) Don't worry, we haven't (forget) about the meeting. .
16) It had (become) very cold, so we went inside. .
17) You have (buy) a lot of clothes recently. .
18) I'd (get) a lovely new bike for my birthday, so I was keen to try it. .
19) She'd (bring) a cake to the party, but we didn't eat it. .
20) Have you (choose) your university yet? .
21) Have you ever (drink) Turkish coffee? .
22) I've (give) some money to Julia. .
23) Had you (hear) of this band before you came to the USA? .
24) She has (know) about this problem for three months. .
25) Why has John (leave) already? .