Modals of Ability 1
Put in 'can', 'can't', 'could' or 'couldn't'. If none of these is possible use 'be able to' in the correct tense.
1) you swim when you were 10? .
2) We get to the meeting on time yesterday, because the train was delayed by one hour. .
3) He arrive at the party on time, even after missing the train, so he was very pleased. .
4) He's amazing, he speak five languages, including Chinese. .
5) I drive a car until I was 34. Then I moved to the countryside, so I had to learn.. .
6) I looked everywhere for my glasses but I find them anywhere. .
7) I searched for your house for ages. luckily I find it in the end. .
8) She's seven years old, but she read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons. .
9) I read the book three times, but I understand it. .
10) James speak Japanese when he lived in Japan, but he's forgotten most of it now. .
11) I understand the chapter we had to read for homework. It was so difficult. .
12) I lift this box - it's too heavy! Would you help me? .
13) Lucy make it to our meeting after all. She's stuck in traffic. .
14) John play tennis really well. He's champion of his club. .
15) Unfortunately, I really sing at all. No-one in my family is musical either.. .
16) When the car broke down I was really pleased because I solve the problem. .
17) Julian play excellent golf when he was only ten. .
18) My grandmother use a computer until last month. Since then she's been taking lessons at the library. .
19) I open this window! I think it's stuck. .
20) Gill play the piano. She has never studied it. .